Pageant Client Testimonials
"I love each and every one of you for being you"
Just moments after I was crowned Miss Teen Delaware United
Sates 2014, I met the one and only Chris Franz. From that
moment on he became not only my pageant coach, but a
mentor, an advocate of my goals, and absolutely a best friend!
Whether it was finding the perfect dress or boosting my ego
when necessary, he did it! Chris effortlessly took me to Top 15
at Miss Teen United States 2014! I love that Chris is so
dedicated and always on call for his clients. I'll never forget
when Chris found out about my allergic reaction I had at
nationals (fortunately not a severe one!) We laugh about it now,
but prepared and thoughtful as always, Chris showed up with an
EpiPen -- just in case! After such great experiences I've had
with Chris, I will continue to use Chris as my pageant coach. I'm
so happy to continue working with him as I pursue all my
dreams in pageantry! Chris, thank you for all your guidance and
a wonderful  friendship that will last a lifetime!
Kayla Radford Miss Teen Delaware United States 2014
Chris Franz, Thank you from the bottom of
my heart for the expertise in your coaching
skills. You have been there for me not only
as my pageant coach but as a dear friend.
You taught me to dig deep within myself
and helped paved the way for me to be my
personal best! I am forever grateful!
Adrienne Norberg   
Mrs. Rhode Island America 2014
Chris Franz was great to work with!
Very patient and knowledgeable in the
world of Pageantry. With his support,
encouragement and guidance, I won my
third national title! Thank you, Chris!
LaQuisha Hall / Mrs. Essence 2013
At 48 years old, I always thought having a pageant
coach was silly. After all, I was too old to have
someone show me how to walk and talk, right?
Wrong!! There is a right way and a wrong way to walk
and talk in pageants, and I needed some help!! I found
it in Chris Franz -- in just two sessions, he showed me
how to ace a pageant interview. Before Chris, I had
always been the third or second runner up., After Chris,
I won my first state title!! He gave me the skills and,
once I had those, I also had the confidence to win. If
you want to win, work with Chris.
Rachel Nunn
Mrs. Florida US Continental 2014
Coach Chris is more than just a pageant coach.  He is a friend, mentor and
somebody I have truly relied on to pick me up when I was down.  He is
extremely knowledgeable in the pageant and fitness industry and pushes you to
be the best version of yourself.  I pushed myself harder than I thought possible
to prepare for Miss Kansas USA and it was thanks to his endless hours of
interview prep, countless text messages he sent to wake me up for my 5am
workouts, and kind words he sent to encourage me along the way.  I felt the
best I ever have walking into the pageant and couldn't’t have down it without
his help.  What separates him from the rest is that he takes a genuine interest in
you and your goals and doesn't’t put his interests before your own.  I would not
recommend anyone else, he’s the best there is and I adore him!  XOXO –
Lindsay Cunningham Miss Shocker Nation / Miss Kansas USA 2015
Coach Chris
Where do I start with Chris Franz? It’s safe to say that he is amazing. I feel like
he invested so much time and energy into making me the best version of myself
that I could be. He also customize my own training for what I needed rather
than using a cookie cutter version like some coaches do. He was with me every
step of the way and even him training another girl in the same system it never
felt like either of us were second string, more like we were Chris's team going to
be awesome because he was our secret weapon.

I also really appreciated Chris being honest as well, he not only gave me positive
feedback but also feedback that would allow me to grow. Even though my
training with Chris is over I feel like I've gained a lifelong friend and coach. He
will always be someone I can count on for advice and support. I did not walk
away with the crown but I feel like I walked away with something even
stronger.  Because of his training I am more confident of who I am. I am
grateful for the time and energy he gave me and I will always appreciate his
ability to coach, it’s a hard job, not everyone can do it but Chris can! I would
never do another pageant without him.
Katherine Cooksey / Miss New York World 2015
         Placed Top 15 Miss World United States 2015