Hmmm where do I start? How do you thank a
coach who woke up extra early for interview
prep and stayed up super late for pep talks to
remind me that being myself was enough? A
friendship is worth a thousand words, that's true.
But sometimes it is impossible to put into words
just how much a friendship means to you. Thank
you, Chris for making me Ms. United States
ready and believing in me when I couldn't see my
own shine. For reminding me to be my small
town self and let the judges see my silly side.
You are one of a kind! Chris Franz, y'all!
Crystal Rush / Ms. United States 2014
Pageant Client Testimonials
"I love each and every one of you for being you"
I have had coaches throughout all stages of my life. In
order to be the best I can, and reach my full potential, I
know I need a coach.  Pageantry is no exception! And
for me that coach is Chris Franz! Chris takes the time
and listens to what my personal goals and needs are and
respectively integrates them into his coaching approach.
I continue to appreciate his professionalism, especially
when it comes to communication; he is always
accessible and returns calls, text, and emails in a timely
manner. I have complete trust and respect for Chris
Franz and his ability to prepare me for competition,
while enjoying the learning process along the way. I feel
blessed and fortunate to have Chris on my team as my
coach, mentor and friend.
Joy Cameron / Mrs. US Continental 2015
"How do I start? Chris Franz was the most amazing pageant
coach I could've ever asked for. Being an experienced
competitor, I never thought I needed a coach. I look back
now and realize that I needed Chris the entire time. He was
there for me EVERY step of the way. He saved me during
pageant week with wardrobe fails and all! The emotional
support along with the knowledge he has will not only get you
through the pageant, but will help you place, if not WIN!
Because of Chris, I placed TOP 12 at Miss World America,
and won the entire fitness competition. On top of that, I
placed TOP 10 in the Multi Media Challenge, in Beachwear,
and in Interview. I can honestly say I would not have been
able to do it without Chris Franz."
Taylor DeMario / Miss Delaware World America 2015
Top 10 at Nationals & Winner of the Fitness Award
Chris Franz is the most genuine person I've ever had
the pleasure to meet. He is not only a coach but a
friend, your number one fan, and someone who loves
you whole heartedly. I was extremely lucky to have
him as my coach. He had me very prepared for the
Miss United States pageant and he believed in me
more than I believed in myself. He is such a blessing
and any girl would be lucky to have him as a coach
and most importantly, your biggest fan. I will forever
be thankful for him and love him always.
Erica Stone / Miss Missouri United States 2015
Coach Chris helped me to prepare for the 2016 Miss
Earth United States Pageant. He believed in me from the
beginning, and constantly encouraged me to reach for the
stars, and believe in myself. His pep-talks prior to the
competition gave me confidence in my ability to perform
well at the pageant. He genuinely cared about my well
being, and was by my side the entire time leading up to
the competition, and throughout. He is a wonderful
Coach, and a loyal friend! Thanks Coach Chris!
Corrin Stellakis / Miss. Earth United States 2016
I have known Chris Franz for over two years now.
He is my coach, my friend, and we consider him a
part of our family. I knew I needed some help in
making the change from my modeling days to
pageantry. Chris very patiently and with his charm
and never ending wit got me totally prepared. It took
a few tries but today I stand before you a national
title holder. His perseverance and faith in me finally
made my dreams come true. He is the best and I
couldn't have done this without him. He is one of a
kind and knows the pageant business inside out. He
always saw the best in me and we capitalized on my
strengths and fixed my weaknesses. Yes, love him!!  
I have a friend for life.
Tara Floriani / Mrs. All Star United States 2016
Where to begin is very hard because Coach Chris
is simply the best that there is, and no testimonial
could do his coaching skills justice. I had never
competed in a pageant and he coached me
straight to a State title! I won the title Mrs.
Missouri United States in 2016 and Mrs. Florida
United States in 2017. I went into these
competitions so calm and prepared because he
had left no stone unturned in his training. From
helping me with interview to wardrobe choices
his advice was impeccable. My platform to fight
against child trafficking is very important to me.
He helped me make my message clearer and
encouraged me to make my dreams a reality. In
helping me win the national title of Mrs. United
States 2017 my ultimate dream came true. My
title has opened so many new doors. I'm so
excited about the future. My dream of
representing my country, empowering women,
being an example to my children and fighting
against child trafficking all have come true.
Thank you Chris for everything!
Your Biggest Fan,
Lauren Ziegler / Mrs. United States 2017
I am so thankful to have had such an incredible coach, mentor
and friend guiding me on my journey to Miss United States.
Coach Chris was not only great at getting me 100% ready for
interview, stage presentation and making sure my wardrobe
was perfect but he ensured that I was mentally ready as well.
He was there day or night to answer any questions and always
sent positive encouragement. Anyone looking for a coach to
help you with all of your pageant needs should definitely
choose Coach Chris.
Lindley Mayer / Miss South Carolina United States 2016
Placed in the Top 15 at Miss United States 2016
As a “Mrs.” who was brand new to the pageant
scene, Mr. Chris Franz was an outstanding
coach, mentor and friend who assisted me every
step of the way.  He helped me feel so
comfortable and to gain the confidence I needed
as a newbie to go out and go for it in a National

This man has so much valuable experience and
talent.  He made things as seamless and easy as
possible for me.  Working with him was not only
extremely helpful but a whole lot of fun!  

I would highly recommend Chris Franz as a
Pageant Coach.  He prepared me for everything
from wardrobe to interview; nothing was
missed.  This man is the BEST the business.  I
am so lucky to not only call him Coach, but my
Friend for Life!

Dr. Cynthia Ann Fleck (a.k.a "00" )
Mrs. Missouri USA Universal 2016
Placed in the Top 5 at Nationals 2016
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Coach Chris
Chris is an AMAZING coach, he really
taught me how to be authentic to myself
in my interview and win the judges over.  
He is kind, caring and genuine.  You can
tell the first time you meet him that he
LOVES what he does and has a gift at
making you feel at ease.  I give him two
thumbs up, not only as my coach but as a
forever friend and supporter.  

Kristi Wischnack,
Mrs. Earth Kansas
National Mrs. US Earth 2018
Where do I start with Chris Franz? It’s safe to say that he is amazing. I feel like
he invested so much time and energy into making me the best version of myself
that I could be. He also customize my own training for what I needed rather
than using a cookie cutter version like some coaches do. He was with me every
step of the way and even him training another girl in the same system it never
felt like either of us were second string, more like we were Chris's team going to
be awesome because he was our secret weapon.

I also really appreciated Chris being honest as well, he not only gave me positive
feedback but also feedback that would allow me to grow. Even though my
training with Chris is over I feel like I've gained a lifelong friend and coach. He
will always be someone I can count on for advice and support. I did not walk
away with the crown but I feel like I walked away with something even
stronger.  Because of his training I am more confident of who I am. I am
grateful for the time and energy he gave me and I will always appreciate his
ability to coach, it’s a hard job, not everyone can do it but Chris can! I would
never do another pageant without him.
Katherine Cooksey / Miss New York World 2015