My mission is to provide the artist's with the tools and network necessary to develop and
unlock each artist's full potential. Razing Kane Entertainment seeks to create a team of
professionals in the music and entertainment industry to ensure the greatest possibility of
success.  The talent of the artist's and the dedication of the team make everything possible.  
Therefore, I believe in creating artist-friendly agreements that establishes a mutual trust and

I will do everything I possibly can do to further your career, and above all else be honest and
truthful all of the time. Thats all I'll ask of you in return.

Chris Franz
Razing Kane Entertainment


"Chris is a fantastic manager, and publicity agent! Friendly, outgoing, reliable
and persistent-he knows how to push for results and he always works towards
the bigger picture. I highly recommend Razing Kane Entertainment."

Sophie Serafino
Sydney, Australia

You just gave me more in that email than I think I have gotten out of any of my
Berklee classes in regard to artist management! (and as you know, that's a HIGH

You answered exactly what I wanted to know and more that I hadn't even asked
yet! I can certainly tell why "your girls" love you so much!!!!! You rock!
Heather Ninness
North Richland Hills, Texas

Hey Chris,
Thanks so much for the response. I appreciate the advice you gave me about
furthering my career. Its taken a little while, but you helped me get my head in
the right place. Hope you can make it out sometime.  
Chris Bruni
West Chester, Pa

Happy Chrismakwansikah and a great and prosperous New Year to the hardest
workin man we know!!!
Philadelphia, Pa.

Razing Kane Entertainment - Cool name & premise! Thanks so much finding me
and for helping women succeed in entertainment. It's an honor to be your
friend. Wendy Starland's one of my favorites.
Susan Stackpole
Orlando, Florida

Hey Chris! It was great to finally meet you in person...THANK YOU for the
generous donation of the DAISY GUITAR! It was absolutely a great night for
everyone...a real sense of community, fun & making a difference making
music....nothing better than that! Let's stay in touch...I'd love to get to know more
about RKE & what you're up to....xo....deb
Deb Chamberlain
Blackwood, New Jersey
Thanks to all of you for your kind words.
Razing Kane Entertainment